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Girl with Piano

Nicole, parent

"My son absolutely loves your time together. You make him feel seen and safe in the best possible way."

Johanne, parent

"You Be You teachers know how to make each child feel engaged, special, and they find the best way to teach them individually even in group settings."

Miriam, parent

"My kid's teacher is seriously the best music teacher in the world. The passion and compassion that she brings to the kids, the way she creates such a safe space for shy kids... she is so fun and so dedicated!"

Tween through Teen Guitar and Ukulele Class


Free - funded in partnership with the Millvale Community Library

Weekly Adult  Guitar Class

Join us Tuesdays at 6 pm at the Millvale Community Library for a relaxing, adult-oriented beginner guitar class. 


Free - funded in partnership the Millvale Community Library

Grown-Up and Me
Music Classes

You Be You Inc provides early childhood education through pre-school partnerships and community "Grown Up and Me" classes!

Classes deliver engaging, developmentally relevant songs with social-emotional themes.


ETNA - First Congregational Church

Locust St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223


Returning Fall 2024 - stay tuned!

Free - funded in partnership the Millvale Community Library, Borough of Etna, and Etna Community Organization)

Creative Kids Music Club

We write songs, learn instruments, perform songs we love, and play music skill-building games. Ages 5-8.


ETNA - First Congregational Church

Locust St, Pittsburgh, PA 15223

Free - funded in partnership with the Borough of Etna and the Etna Community Organization.
Children sing together in the choir at the summer camp on talent show.jpg

Private Lessons

We offer weekly 30-minute lessons on guitar, ukulele, and piano. Our lessons incorporate technique, repertoire and composition/songwriting.​ Our teachers are passionate, kind, patient professional musicians dedicated to nurturing each child's unique needs and strengths.

Cost: $30 for a weekly lesson

Hosted at 115 Sedgwick Street, Millvale 

Beautiful mixed race elementary school girl standing in front of a chalkboard in classroom
Smiling kids playing guitar, violin, flute in classroom at school.jpg


You Be You Inc provides contemporary, culturally relevant and social emotional learning aligned music programming to youth 0-18 in Pittsburgh, PA.  You Be You takes systemic approaches to empowering diverse groups of students to express themselves fully though the global language of music. Students receiving You Be You services are guided towards musical fluency in individual and community settings.

Music is a language. As a language, anyone speaking it, whether new or advanced musician, deserves to express themselves authentically, with words that feel true and leave the speaker feeling more understood by the world. Georgia English’s You Be You curriculum gives students the tools to “speak” music, taking a contemporary approach that moves beyond traditional memorization-based music learning, and incorporates improvisation, composition, and music production.


All programs use the You Be You Music Room curriculum a goofy, developmentally sequential, and creativity-powered method. Students learn through play and creativity while absorbing necessary music theory skills to communicate their inner thoughts and feelings through song. Georgia English hand-draws all worksheets, develops characters kids love, and empowers musical autonomy in musicians of all ages.



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